Undergraduate Student Advisory Board

The mission of the Undergraduate Student Advisory Board (USAB) is to advise the College of Arts and Sciences on matters pertaining to undergraduate learning and student services. Additionally, the USAB provides input on undergraduate A&S programs, policies, and practices and facilitate broader dialogue between college majors and staff, faculty, and administrators.

2018-19 USAB Members:

  • Antoinette Charles, Neuroscience BS
  • Courtney Civelli, Biology BS
  • Kirstyn DuBar, Media Entrepreneurship BIS
  • Yoonji Eum, Chemistry BS
  • Oghenetega Faafa, Neuroscience BS
  • Casey Francois, Political Science AB
  • Pamela Frederick, Psychology BS
  • Quincy Goodwin, Biology BS
  • Chance Harper, Chemistry BS
  • Samantha Harvel, History AB
  • Asia Haywood, Chemistry BS
  • Unica Hodge, Psychology AB
  • Liva Howell, Sociology AB
  • Rickie Hunt, Mathematics BS
  • Vivian Huynh, Biology BS
  • Jaenise Jones, English AB
  • Jenny Kasiah, Biology BS
  • Michelle Kim, Game Design & Development BIS
  • Antonia Morris, Political Science AB
  • Destiny Ogbu, Psychology BS
  • Jenai Rawls, Mathematics BS
  • Roger Ritter, Mathematics BS
  • Vanessa Rivera Hernandez, Psychology AB
  • Raylyn Robinson, Journalism AB
  • Steven Brenden, Chemistry BS
  • Kierra Thompson, English AB
  • Xuan Trinh, Psychology BS
  • Ahmed Zahran, Computer Science BS
  • Syeda Zehra, Psychology AB

If you have issues that you would like the USAB to discuss, please contact Shelly Williams (A&S Office of Academic Assistance) or John Medlock (Office of the Dean), the board co-chairs.

USAB Bylaws:

The current bylaws of the USAB are available at  https://cas.gsu.edu/files/2019/05/usab_bylaws_2019-20.pdf.