Dual Degree Application & Admissions

Dual Degree Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences’ dual undergraduate/graduate degree programs provide highly talented and qualified students with the opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s and then a master’s degree in as short a period as five years. If determined to be qualified by typical admission measures of the College of Arts and Sciences, dual degree students can begin taking coursework toward the designated master’s degree program while still completing their final year of bachelor’s work.

Acceptance into the dual degree program does not constitute admission to the graduate degree program. Admission to the graduate program occurs in the senior year and is contingent upon 1) successful completion of the bachelor’s degree, 2) maintaining the required program grade-point average, 3) performance in the graduate-level courses taken during the bachelor’s degree, and 4) meeting the other admission requirements of the specific program.

Application Process

Students seeking to apply for a dual undergraduate/graduate program should carefully review the specific program requirements listed on this site and in the Undergraduate Catalog. Those eligible to apply should complete the Dual Degree Application and submit it to the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Academic Assistance (25 Park Place, Suite 300).

Mandatory Admissions Advisement

Students are required to meet with the college’s dual degree advisor, Rene Mondy (reneprestimondy@gsu.edu), in the Office of Academic Assistance (25 Park Place, Suite 300) as part of the admission process. The college will make a dual degree program admission decision within two to four weeks of the department review of the applicant’s materials.