Undergraduate Degrees & Majors

The college offers more than 40 bachelor's degrees and undergraduate certificates. Choose an area to explore undergraduate degree opportunities in Arts & Sciences


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B.A., Minor
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Global Studies

B.I.S. Concentration
Global Studies

Law and Society

B.I.S. Concentration
Political Science
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B.A., Minor
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Program Department Degree(s)
African American Studies African-American Studies B.A.minor
Anthropology Anthropology B.A.minor
Applied Linguistics Applied Linguistics and English as a Second Language B.A.minor
Arabic Middle East Institute minor
Art and Design Art and Design B.A., minor
Art Education Art and Design B.F.A
Art History Art and Design Art B.A. concentration, minor
Arts Administration – Speech and Theatre Communication B.I.S. concentration
Asian Studies Asian Studies Center B.I.S. concentration
Biology Biology B.S.minor
Chemistry Chemistry B.S.minor
Classical Studies Hellenic Studies Center B.I.S. concentration
Computer Science Computer Science B.S.minor
English English B.A.minor
Environmental Science Biology B.I.S. concentration
European Union Studies Political Science U.Cert.
Film and Media School of Film, Media and Theater B.A.
Folklore English minor
French Modern and Classical Languages B.A.minor
Geosciences Geosciences B.A.B.S., minor
German Modern and Classical Languages B.A.minor
Gerontology Gerontology U.Cert.
Global Studies Global Studies Institute B.I.S. concentration
History History B.A.minor
Interdisciplinary Studies Dean’s Office B.I.S. concentration
International Economics and Modern Languages World Languages & Cultures B.A.
Italian World Languages & Cultures minor
Japanese World Languages & Cultures minor
Jewish Studies Religious Studies minor
Journalism Communication B.A.minor
Latin American Studies Center for Latin American and Latino/a Studies minor
Law and Society Political Science B.I.S. concentration
Mathematics Mathematics and Statistics B.S.minor
Middle East Studies Middle East Institute B.I.S. concentration,minor
Military Science Military Science minor
Music Music B.Mu., minor
Music Industry/Management Music B.S.
Neuroscience Neuroscience B.S., minor
Philosophy Philosophy B.A.minor
Physics Physics and Astronomy B.S.
Political Science Political Science B.A.minor
Psychology Psychology B.A.minor
Religious Studies Religious Studies B.A.minor
Sociology Sociology B.A.minor
Spanish Modern and Classical Languages B.A.minor
Speech Communication B.A.minor
Studio Art and Design B.F.A
Teaching English As a Foreign Language Applied Linguistics and English as a Second Language U.Cert.
Theater Communication B.I.S. concentration
Women’s Studies Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies B.A.minor