Thesis & Dissertation Formatting

Your master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation should be formatted according to the College of Arts & Sciences guidelines and submitted for review by the posted deadlines. Submission deadlines can be found at

By the format review deadline, you must submit a single, complete draft of your manuscript within the mandatory template provided by our office. A complete draft includes the following:

  • All preliminary pages, fully completed
  • A complete table of contents and list of tables, figures, and abbreviations where applicable
  • Captions for all tables and figures
  • All major headings, section headings, and subsection headings
  • At least one or two paragraphs of text beneath every heading
  • A draft version of your references and/or works cited pages

All theses and dissertations required as part of a degree program will be accepted ONLY in digital PDF format. All electronic files submitted for partial fulfillment of degree requirements must conform to the university standards before final approval is granted by the Office of Graduate Services .

This guide explains in detail and gives specific examples of precisely how the format and typeface of the document should appear.

Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines

Submission deadlines can be found at

This template is pre-formatted according to the College formatting guidelines, and has comments explaining each required section. The template is a  mandatory requirement for all thesis and dissertation submissions.

Thesis/Dissertation Word Template

Submission deadlines can be found at

Signature forms should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Services upon completion. The original, signed hard copy should be delivered to 25 Park Place, Suite 300.

Doctoral Dissertation or Master's Thesis Approval Form

Non-Thesis Master's Project Approval Form

Submission deadlines can be found at

Bindings costs must be paid in advance through the Office of Graduate Services online store (credit card only) using the forms below. The format in the guidelines is strictly for electronic submission. Graduates must pay for any personal or department archival copies of their manuscripts.

Office of Graduate Services Online Store

Thesis Binding Form

Dissertation Binding Form

Submission deadlines can be found at


Master’s Thesis/ Doctoral Dissertation workshops for graduating students are held each semester.  Space is limited so register early!
No workshops currently scheduled. Please check back soon.