STEM Faculty

Dr. Rebecca Rizzo

Dr. Rebecca Rizzo is a Principal Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics whose primary responsibility for the department is teaching core courses.… more »

Dr. Michael Black

Dr. Michael Black’s work focuses on social interactions and how they affect the brain. He, Dr. Manfred Schmitt, and their students ask, “How are the… more »

Dr. Matthew Brewer

Dr. Matthew Brewer leads Georgia State University’s International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) laboratory.

During a Gram-negative bacterial infection, endotoxins are released from the outer membrane… more »

Dr. Mutanyatta-Comar

Dr. Mutanyatta-Comar’s research interests aim at investigating various local medicinal plants with a strong folkloric history of medicinal uses. This involves scanning plant extracts for… more »

Dr. Christy Visaggi

Dr. Visaggi is passionate about sharing her love of science as an educator, paleontologist, and mentor to students pursuing careers in geosciences, biology, and K-12… more »

Dr. Edmund Rodgers

Dr. Edmund Rodgers teaches the Laboratory in Behavioral Endocrinology. The groups studies the relationship of cortisol levels to aggression in mated pairs of convict cichlid… more »

Olga Glebova

My research focuses on the development of novel bioinformatics methods associated with the application of modern sequencing technologies to studying RNA viruses and transcriptomes. Several… more »

Dr. Paul Ulrich

Dr. Paul Ulrich is a Senior Lecturer who teaches Molecular Parasitology and serves as the CURE program coordinator for the STEM Office at GSU. Student… more »