Spring Break Study Abroad Programs

Spring Break study abroad programs are unique study abroad experiences that open up the opportunity to study abroad to a wide variety of GSU students. Have you ever thought to study abroad sounded great but there’s a long list of reasons that it “just isn’t for me”? The program costs are too high? Can’t take that much time off work? No one to sublet your apartment? Family commitments? Leaving the states for a whole semester might delay your graduation, or there’s a specific course you have to take this semester? The reasons are different for everyone, but you are not alone! Studying abroad doesn’t fit perfectly or easily into everyone’s schedule.

A Spring Break study abroad program might be the answer to having your cake and eating it, too: programs are usually 7-9 days during GSU’s spring break, depending on departure and arrival dates. Spring Break programs are typically much more affordable than long-term study abroad programs because of their shorter duration. Students typically earn 3 credit hours (1 class credit) during their programs, so you might even be able to move up your graduation date rather than postpone it. Or maybe you just want to travel out of the country during Spring Break and earning credit is an added bonus? Whatever your story is, study abroad can still be a part of it!


GSU faculty design and customize their Study Abroad program course based on their passion, their students’ interests, and the host culture. Excursions, activities, and course content mix together to create what is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

CAS Spring Break Programs: Spring 2017

These study abroad programs are accepting applications for Spring, 2017.

Deadline: October 31, 2016 or contact the program’s director.

Afro-Brazilian Culture, History, & Politics

Students study in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil while earning credit for POLS 4165. Excursions/visits to sites in Pelurhino and Quilumbo.

Director: Dr. L. Bonnette

Barbados and the American South

Students earn HIST 4975 credit while studying on the south side of the island. Participants stay at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa right next to the Caribbean shores. Deadline extended to Dec. 11, 2016.

Director: Dr. Glenn Eskew

Berlin: Beyond the Wall

Students stay on the Friedrichstrasse within prime walking distance of some of Berlin’s most famous sites and shopping areas and take classes for GRMN 3395 credit. Excursions/visits to Potsdam, Sans Souci, and Sachsenhausen.

Director: Dr. Robin Huff

Cichlid Behavioral Ecology in Costa Rica

Students stay in Bagaces while studying parental behavior of cichlids in the lakes and streams of Costa Rica, earning credit for BIOL 4930.

Director: Dr. Edmund Rodgers or Matthew Grober

Dubai: Psychology of a Growing Global City

Students explore the historical, and socio-cultural environment of Dubai and gain perspective on modern day life and its psychological challenges while earning PSYCH 4650 credit.

Director: Dr. Andrea Weyerman

Drugs of the Future: Preservation of Biodiversity

Based in London and Cambridge, UK, students study and earn chemistry credit (CHEM 4875 or CHEM 4950- honors versions available). Students can consult with the program director to earn biology credit instead.

Director: Dr. Dabney Dixon

Gender, Sexuality, and Postcoloniality in Contemporary Ecuador

Students attend classes at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, meet with local NGO-based activists, visit local sites, and even take a cooking class while earning credit for WGSS 4910 (honors version available).

Director: Dr. Susan Talburt

Ireland: Boom, Bust and...Boom Again?

Students earn credit POL 4990 (POLS 8990 for graduate students) while studying Ireland’s political economy in Dublin. This program includes site visits to the U.S. Embassy, Trinity College, IDA Ireland, and many more excursions relevant to the course topic.

Director: Dr. Christopher Brown

Pilgrimage: Protestant Sites in Scotland

Students’ time is divided between Edinburgh and Iona, on the west coast of Scotland. With a rich history of pilgrimage dating back over 1,500 years providing cultural context, students learn about interdisciplinary methods in religious studies and earn RELS 4290 credit (RELS 6290 for graduate students).

Director: Dr. David Bell

Spain: A Medieval Pilgrimage

In true pilgrim fashion, students travel from Madrid to Zamora and back, visiting cathedrals, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and more along the way. While studying the art, history and medieval architecture of these Spanish cities, students earn HIST 4975 credit (HIST 8990 for graduate students).

Director: Dr. Allen Fromherz

Study Abroad in Mexico City

This action-packed trip takes students on excursions to temples, cathedrals, ruins, museums, palaces, and universities in and around Mexico City; each visit planned with an accompanying seminar. Students can earn SPAN 3395 or 3396 credit during their trip.

Director: Dr. Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste

Theatre and Theatricality: London and the Provinces

Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stonehenge, and London are just a few of this program’s destinations as graduate students focus upon use of spectacle as public entertainment and attitudes towards spectacle from the eighteenth century onward.

Director: Dr. Tanya Caldwell

Tropical Island Ecology: the Virgin Islands

Although a small island, St. John has a great diversity of habitats that students will explore and collect data from daily via hiking and snorkeling. Students earn credit for BIOL 4930 (BIOL 6930 for graduate students).

Director: Rebekah Chapman

Victorian London's Underworld

In London, students examine 19th century British literature that focuses on the underclass: orphans, pickpockets, prostitutes, theater people, occultists. Walking tours accompany course texts and seminars; students earn ENGL 3290 credit.

Director: Dr. Melissa McLeod

These are updated every year and new programs are constantly being created so if you can’t go abroad this spring break, check back diligently for next year’s programs!