Spanish Projected Schedule

Course Name Spring Summer Fall
SPAN 1001 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1002 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 1101 Intensive Elementary Spanish
SPAN 2001 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2002 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 2203 Intermediate Spanish III
SPAN 3301 Advanced Conversation & Reading
SPAN 3302 Written Communication in Spanish
SPAN 3303 Advanced Grammar I
SPAN 3308 Intro to Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 3310 Hispanic Culture-CTW
SPAN 3314 Survey of Hispanic Lit
SPAN 4403 Advanced Grammar II
SPAN 4405 Spanish for Internatl Business I
SPAN 4407 Spanish for Internatl Business II
SPAN 4409 Techniques of Translation
SPAN 4421 Early Modern Lit & Culture
SPAN 4450 Special Topics in Linguistics
SPAN 4454 Latin American Novel  
SPAN 4456 Tales of Love, Madness, and Death
SPAN 4462 Spanish in the US
SPAN 4465 Practicum
SPAN 4467 Latin American Film & Video
SPAN 4470 Special Topics in Latin American Lit
SPAN 4480 Special Topics in Hispanic Culture  
SPAN 4990 Independent Study


= On Campus ***Also offered as an online course