Promotion & Tenure


Promotion and tenure recognize strong research, effective instruction, and constructive service by faculty. Promotion signals that a faculty member has established a national and/or international professional reputation, and tenure is a commitment by the University to invest financial, human, and material resources into a faculty member’s future career. Below you will find links to important information about the promotion and tenure processes and policies, as well as helpful advice.

Faculty Review Services site
Tenure-Track Faculty Policies
*Note that this includes current faculty review calendars, the College of Arts & Sciences P&T Manual, the University P&T Manual, and COAS Department P&T Guidelines.

Non-Tenure Track Review Policies
*Note that this includes the current NTT faculty review calendars, the College of Arts & Sciences NTT Promotion Manual, the University NTT Promotion Manual, and COAS Department NTT Promotion Guidelines.

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