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What does it cost?

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How long will it take?

Full-time students may be able to complete the program in 2 years, depending on the language of focus.

Where will I take classes?
Atlanta Campus

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Students may enter the program in fall or spring.

  • Fall: April 15
  • Spring: November 15
  • Summer: Does Not Admit

Translation and Interpretation, Graduate Certificate

Translators and Interpreters convert information from one language into another language. Employment opportunities for translators and interpreters are projected to grow 20 percent by 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Translation program at Georgia State University provides professional training in written translation for students who wish to acquire proficiency in a specific language combination. Spanish, French and German translation options are offered.

The Interpretation program at Georgia State provides professional training in both medical and legal interpretation (with a focus on the state court system) and is currently offered only in Spanish. Students must receive the translation certificate before going on to receiving the interpretation certificate.

Program Details

Qualification for entrance into either program is based on achievements on an entrance examination. Candidates for the program in translation must pass a written examination in English and in the language of specialization. Candidates for the program in interpretation must pass written and oral examinations in both the source and target languages.

The entrance examination is offered on demand by contacting [email protected] to set up an appointment.

Candidates who are not considered admissible because of insufficient knowledge of the proposed working language or deficiencies in their general backgrounds will be advised to consider preparatory courses in the Department of World Languages and Cultures or in another department.

Candidates must also demonstrate an appropriate educational background. Normally, applicants will be expected to have an American undergraduate degree or the equivalent. Candidates without a baccalaureate degree must provide evidence of educational and professional activities and accomplishments indicating that they have the prior experience needed to be successful in translation or interpretation.

For more details, visit the course catalog.

The Translation program includes one class in comparative stylistics, one class in general translation, two classes in specialized translation, and a final translation workshop.

The Interpretation program is comprised of classes in medical and legal (state court) interpretation. The interpretation program involves a class in the introduction to the field of interpretation, a class in consecutive, simultaneous and sight interpretation, a class in medical interpretation, and a class in legal interpretation (state court system).

Students in both programs must complete each course with a grade of B or higher and must receive a score of at least a grade of B on the exit examination in order to receive a certificate.

For more details, visit the course catalog.

Check out our cost calculator or visit student financial services for information on estimated costs.

This program allows bilingual people to develop the professional skills to serve as the linguistic and cultural liaison in a wide range of personal and professional situations.



The need for translators and interpreters continues to grow. Students who complete the program will be prepared to work for professional translation agencies; any government agency that uses translators; in roles as interpreters in courts, educational and medical settings; and as freelance translators and interpreters. Some students have gone on to work at the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.




Ian Campbell
Graduate Director
[email protected]

Department of World Languages and Cultures
25 Park Place
19th floor
Atlanta, GA 30302



College of Arts & Sciences Lockup25 Park Pl NE #2500
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