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Four semesters

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Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, M.I.S.

The Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) prepares students for a range of careers in government, public service, entrepreneurship and the corporate world.

Georgia State's program helps students become familiar with, and capable of contributing to, ongoing debates about the nature of good political and economic institutions, as well as the policies and practices best suited for creating and sustaining them. Students develop the intellectual skills of the social scientist who seeks to understand how social, political and economic institutions operate and are interrelated, and the moral philosopher who seeks to critically evaluate these institutions and the social world more generally, in relation to how they ought to operate.

Historically, philosophy, political science and economics were deeply connected.  The intellectual father of modern economics, Adam Smith, was a philosopher concerned with moral and political philosophy.  PPE, as a contemporary academic field of study, began at Oxford University in 1920 and has spread across the English-speaking world.

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Program Details

The GRE is not required.

Applicants must submit:

  • A letter of intent.
  • A writing sample (15 double-spaced pages maximum).
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Official transcripts (one from each institution attended) indicating completion of a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent and demonstrating a prior grade-point average of 3.0 or higher.
  • International students will also be required to provide an official TOEFL score and may be asked to demonstrate their English fluency in a phone interview.

The letter of intent should provide an answer to the following, in about 100-500 words: Why do you wish to earn an M.I.S. with a concentration in PPE from Georgia State?

PPE faculty will select final candidates and review applicants throughout the year for either fall or spring admittance.

The program requires:

  • One course in each of the three disciplines
  • Six electives
  • One capstone course

Check out our cost calculator or visit student financial services for information on estimated costs.

Students in this program will:

  • Develop effective critical thinking skills enabling them to interpret, present, analyze, and evaluate ideas and arguments of others in the three core fields and elsewhere and to provide convincing reasons and arguments for their own views.  This includes the ability to interpret and use empirical evidence.
  • Be able to write critically and effectively as evidenced by a basic ability to present clear and sound arguments that evaluate the arguments of others and present their own arguments in a persuasive fashion.
  • Gain mastery of some standard content knowledge of the major thinkers and theories, historical and contemporary, regarding foundational justifications and critical analysis of various social, political, and economic institutions, including civil liberties and civil rights; markets; and legislative, judicial and executive institutions of government.
  • Develop research skills so as to be able to distinguish the quality of sources of information, create studies to gather evidence for or against any claims, and judge existing studies and statistical analyses.
  • Develop abilities to summarize the strongest arguments for and against a variety of moral, political and economic positions, especially regarding issues of contemporary relevance.  This includes competency in identifying persuasive evidence and authoritative sources.



The master's program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics prepares graduates for careers in government, public service, entrepreneurship and corporate roles such as advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations and sales management.


Department Offices
25 Park Place
Suite 1600
Atlanta, GA 30303
[email protected]

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3994
Atlanta, GA 30302-3994

Program Coordinator
Andrew Jason Cohen
Professor of Philosophy
[email protected]

Political Science Liaison
Peter M. Lindsay
Professor of Political Science
[email protected]

Economics Liaison
Spencer Banzhaf
Professor of Economics
[email protected]

College of Arts & Sciences Lockup25 Park Pl NE #2500
Atlanta, GA 30303

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