Selma Alston Interim Administrative Coordinator, Senior
Amber Amari Assistant Dean For Graduate Programs
Monica Amey-Geter
John Augusto Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives
Allison Bass Assistant Director, Development and Special Events
Jessamy Bleth Administrative Specialist - Academic
Cassondra Breedlove College Administrative Officer
Eric Brown Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Film and Media, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Speech, Dual Degree
Jacquelyn Buie-Brown Grants and Contracts Officer II
Karla Camacho-Godoy Academic Advisor
Edna Caraballo-Rodriguez Grants & Contracts Ofcr II
Edna Caraballo-Rodriguez Grants and Contracts Officer II
Nicole Carr
Tiffany Carter PR Specialist
Joslyn Cartlidge
Laura Castelli Administrative Coordinator, Se, Arts & Sciences-Dean's Office
Angela Chappell
David Cheshier Associate Professor
Sumayah Clark Administrative Specialist
Annette Clark Academic Advisor II
Ann Claycombe Director of Communications
Daniel Crenshaw Physics & Astronomy and Professor
Nika Daryooni Cluster Leader - NCS
Daniel M. Deocampo CAS Associate Dean of Faculty Advancement
Chad Dillard Assistant Vice President of Development
Shanetha Dugger Accountant II
Natalie Everett
Rachel Ezzo Director of Development
Oluyemi Farinu Graduate Assistant
Eric Friginal Director of International Programs
Eric Friginal Director of International Programs
Stacey Harrell Grants and Contracts Officer III
Lindsey Hornsby College Research Officer
Samantha Jakobeit Administrative Specialist
Marie Jarra Grants and Contracts Officer II
Terrance Johnson PC Systems Specialist Intermediate
Andreea Johnson Academic Advisor
Joyce Kane Academic Advisor II
Sahkia Kawsari
Linda King Associate Director
Walter Koch Project Director
Ann Cale Kruger Associate Professor
Annie Latta Communications Manager
Justin Lilly Executive Associate and Dean’s Communications
Kathryn McClymond Professor
Kathryn McClymond Associate Dean for Faculty Development
John Medlock Assistant Dean for Academic Success
Alison Mercer Director of Development
James Mitchell Web Designer
S. Rene Mondy Assistant Director
Fred Mote Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance
William Nichols Associate Professor
Trina Olidge Senior Director of Development
Nichole Orogun-Thomas Grants and Contracts Officer II
Wanda Page Grants and Contracts Officer II
Ann Pavlik College HR Coordinator Senior (Faculty)
Jefanda Price Academic Advisor
Esther Prince Administrative Specialist – Managerial (office manager)
Cynthia Puranik Associate Professor
Mariam Qureshi Academic and Professional Development Manager
Mamunur Rahman College Analyst
Donald Reitzes Associate Dean for Social and Behavioral Sciences and Professor
MaryAnn Romski Department of Communication (Joint Appointments in Psychology, Educational Psychology & Special Education) Director, Center for Research on Atypical Development and Learning (CRADL) Member, Developmental Psychology Program Associate Dean for Social & Behavioral Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
Sara Rosen Dean Academic
Sara Rosen Dean Academic
Teresa Rucker Administrative Specialist-Managerial
Saturday Sam Grants and Contracts Officer II
Ellen Semple College HR Coordinator Senior (Temp PTI and Grad Assistants)
Marina Simms Grants and Contracts Officer II
Stacy Simon Administrative Coordinator
Vincent Speaks Grants and Contracts Officer III
Sheadrick Stevenson College Finance Officer
John Stewart Retention and Progression Manager
Antonio Stewart
Pamela Stitt Grants and Contracts Officer II
Kirstin Sylvester Academic Advisor II
James Taylor College Business Svcs Ofcr
Nichole Thomas Grants and Contracts Officer III
Justin Thompson Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Anthropology, Geosciences, History, Psychology (K-Z)
Randy Trammell Editorial and Production Coordinator
Tu Tran College Technology Manager
Carol Freeland-Turner Sr. Administrative Coordinator
Carol Turner Administrative Assistant
Akinyele Umoja African-American Studies and Associate Professor
Chad Van Gorden Graduation and Data Manager
Victoria Voelkel Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Biology (A-Z), Computer Science, Neuroscience, Pre-Med
Victoria Voelkel-Sanders Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Computer Science (A-R), Neuroscience,
Katie Warner Academic Advisor (90+ hours): BIS, Journalism, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Jon Watts Video Analyst Intermediate
Whitney Williams Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Biology (A-G), Mathematics, Psychology (A-C), Sociology (A-F), Pre-Med
Kayla Williams Academic Advisor (90+ hours): Applied Linguistics & ESL, World Languages and Cultures, Psychology (A-J), Music
Shelly-Ann Williams Director, Office of Academic Assistance
Tia Williams Administrative Specialist – Academic
Shelly-Ann Williams Director
Cynthia Wilson Administrative Specialist-Administrative
Torrez Wilson Conference and Program Services Coordinator
Carol Winkler Assoc Dean Acad
Nwamaka Wright Grants and Contracts Officer II
Jason Yeh PC systems Specialist Lead