Professional News

WELCOME! What distinguishes College of Arts & Sciences faculty? We are passionate about research & discovery, career-empowering teaching, and partnering with Atlanta industry, non-profit, and government organizations to transform our students’ lives, our local community, and the world.  This website is dedicated to fueling that passion. We invite you to explore each of the following sections of the Faculty Affairs site:

“Research & Discovery” highlights our faculty research, individuals and collaborative teams working in language, culture, health, the mind, digital innovation, global engagement, social transformation, the natural world, and the cosmos.

Monique Moultrie is our very first feature. Head over to the Research & Discovery page to learn more about how Dr. Moultrie contributes to the College of Arts & Sciences.

“Faculty Mentoring Program” links you to professional mentoring opportunities offered through the Dean’s Office. If you want to mentor or be mentored, in an ongoing or limited program, for all around professional development or targeted improvement, this is the site for you.

“Faculty to Faculty” brings colleagues from across the college to you, with advice on research strategies, instructional challenges, P&T, etc. – all geared to your growth as a faculty member. Each month we’ll bring 90-second audio or video clips to you, sharing the expertise of our full faculty. The College of Arts & Sciences boasts over 530 permanent faculty – let’s celebrate and learn from one another!

Check out the Faculty to Faculty page to watch a brief video clip from Dr. Peter Lindsay on “Success on the First Day of Class.”

“A&S Faculty Resources” directs you to university and college policies, offices, and forms that affect your professional and personal experience at Georgia State University.

“Community & Industry Partnershps” spotlights existing and emerging relationships with community institutions focused on research and learning. It’s also a great place to start if you’re just beginning to think about a possible partnership.

We update this website regularly with timely information and inspiring profiles of work around the college, so check in regularly! For more info, email us at