Political Science Projected Schedule

Course Name Fall Spring Summer
POLS 1101 Am. Government ◼* ◼*  ◼*
POLS 2401 Global Issues ◼* ◼* ◼*
POLS 3140 Judicial Process & Courts
POLS 3145 Intro to American Law
POLS 3145H Hon. Intro to American Law
POLS 3170 Am. Legislative Process
POLS 3200 Comparative Politics
POLS 3400 International Politics
POLS 3450 U.S. Foreign Policy
POLS 35XX or 45XXPolitical Theory Course
POLS 3800 Intro to Political Research-CTW
POLS 4125 GA Politics & Government
POLS 4130 Am. Constitutional Law
POLS 4131 Civil Liberties & Rights
POLS 41XXAddt’l Am. Politics course
POLS 42XX Addt’l comp. politics course
POLS 44XX Addt’l international relations course)
POLS 4900 Senior Seminar-CTW
POLS 4930 Legislative Internships
POLS 4940 Internships
POLS 4945 Internships for credit in Major
POLS 4951 Model U.N.
POLS 4952 Model Arab League
POLS 4955 Mock Trial


= On Campus ***Also offered as an online course