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Past Lectures

2017     Carol Anderson
Charles Candler Professor and Chair of African American Studies at Emory University.

2016     Roy Foster
CarrollProfessor of Irish History at Oxford University and prominent public intellectual.

2015     Anthony M. Tung
Author and urbanist, “Preserving the Soul of the City: International Approaches to Urban Revitalization.”

2014     Mustafa Akyol
Turkish political commentator and author, “The Future of Islamism: Lessons from Tunisia, Egypt, and Turkey.”

2013     Benjamin D. Santer
Atmospheric scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, “The Search for Human ‘Fingerprints’ in Observed Records of Climate Change.”

2012     Mark Danner
MacArthur Fellow and award-winning journalist, “Living with the New Normal: Human Rights, U.S. Foreign Policy and the 2012 Elections”

2011     Juan Cole
Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan and author of the blog “Informed Consent” and Engaging the Muslim World.

2010     Tu Wei-Ming
Confucian ethicist, “The Application of Confucian Ethical Thought to Current Political and Social Issues.”

2009     Susan Faludi
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author, in conjunction the exhibition Losing Yourself in The 21st Century in the Welch School of Art and Design Galleries.

2008     Daniel Levitin
James McGill Professor of Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, author of This Is Your Brain on Music.

2007     Melissa Fay Greene
Author of There is No Me Without You: One Woman’s Odyssey to Rescue Africa’s Children.

2006     Vassilios Lambropoulos
Professor of Modern Greek at the University of Michigan, “The Tragedy of Politics in N. Kazantzakis’ play Capodistria.

2005     Paul M. Churchland
Department of Philosophy at the University of California, San Diego, “Impossible Colors: Some Unexpected Predictions, from Cognitive Neuroscience, Concerning the Human Visual System.”

2004     Lawrence W. Levine
Professor of History at George Mason University, “Man and Superman: Success, Individualism, and Institutions in Depression America.”

2003     Walter Kohn
Nobel Laureate and Professor of Physics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, “Science in the New Century: For Better or Worse”

2002     Alfred Crosby
Professor Emeritus in the American Studies, Geography, and History departments at the U. of Texas at Austin, “Humanity and Biological Invasions”

2001     Matthew Golombek
Chief Scientist for NASA’s Mars Voyager project, “Exploring the Red Planet in 3D with the Mars Pathfinder Rover.”

2000     Gerhard Weinberg
William Rand Kenan, Jr. Professor Emeritus of History at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, ”New Perspectives on World War II.”

1999     J. D. McClatchy
Inaugural lecture. Editor of The Yale Review, “The Mother of Invention: Memory and the Plot of Poetry.”