Philosophy Projected Schedule

Course Name Fall Spring Summer
PHIL 1010* Critical Thinking
PHIL 2010 Intro to Philosophy
PHIL 2030 Intro to Ethics
PHIL 2500 Intro to Symbolic Logic
PHIL 3000 Intro Seminar in Philosophy
PHIL 3010 History of W. Phil I: Ancient/Medieval
PHIL 3020 History of. W. Phil: Modern
PHIL 3720 Contemporary Moral Problems
PHIL 3730 Business Ethics
At least two more 3000-level PHIL course 
4000-level history course 
4000-level metaphysics/epistemology course
4000-level value theory course 
PHIL 4820 Philosophy of Law
At least two more 4000-level PHIL course 


= On Campus ***Also offered as an online course