Neuroscience Projected Schedule

Course Name Fall Spring Summer
NEUR 2000 Intro to Neuroscience  
NEUR 2010 Prof. Development in Neuroscience  
NEUR 3000 Principles of NEUR I
NEUR 3001 Principles of NEUR II
NEUR 3010 Neuroscience Lab
NEUR 3020 Scientific Method in NEUR-CTW
NEUR 4000 Neuroscience Labratory
NEUR 4010 Cell & Molecular NEUR
NEUR 4020 Cognitive Neuroscience  
NEUR 4040 Neuroethology
NEUR 4050 Stats for Neuroscience
NEUR 4070 Sensory Neuroscience
NEUR 4080 Clinical Neuroscience
NEUR 4100 Developmental Neurobiology
NEUR 4115 Medical Neuroanatomy
NEUR 4150 Drugs and the Nervous System
NEUR 4200 Neuroscience of Memory
NEUR 4250 NEUR of Motivation and Emotion
NEUR 4330 Functional Neuroimaging
NEUR 4340 Neurophysics
NEUR 4360 Mathematical Biology
NEUR 4370 Applied Dynamical Systems
NEUR 4420 Hormones and Behavior
NEUR 4576 Neurovirology
NEUR 4700 Neural Plasticity
NEUR 4910 Topics in NEUR
NEUR 4960  Careers in NEUR


= On Campus ***Also offered as an online course