Reentry Admission

Reentry or return to active status for the College of Arts & Sciences is handled through the Office of Graduate Services.

A continuing student is subject to reentry if he or she meets any one of the following criteria:

  • has not registered for courses at Georgia State during any of the previous three semesters;
  • has not registered for six or more credit hours for the current and the preceding two terms (see the Continuous Enrollment policy);
  • has been on scholastic suspension after an absence of one calendar year;
  • has been on scholastic exclusions after an absence of five or more years.

The College of Arts & Sciences does not allow transient graduate students to reenter.

Reentry Requirements

The Reentry Application is available online. Once the Office of Graduate Services receives your application and the $25.00 fee you will be contacted by an academic advisor.  Reentry is only valid for the term in which you are approved.

Students who have attended other colleges and/or universities since last registering at Georgia State must send official transcripts of all coursework taken to the Office of Graduate Services prior to the reentry deadline for the appropriate semester.

Deadlines for Reentry Applications are:

  • Fall—June 1
  • Spring—November 1
  • Summer—April 1