Guidelines and Procedures for Spring Break Study Abroad Proposals

1. Overall program cost must be under $3,000 per student

2. Arts and Sciences faculty members who have not yet run a program are eligible for $1,000 in site visit funding from the Study Abroad Programs office and up to $1,000 from the College. Site visits enable potential Program Directors to look into all logistics of the program including: cost of living, local transportation, living accommodations, etc. To initiate the site visit process, please contact Ryan Rathmann, Director of Study Abroad

3. The potential Program Director will need to submit a completed program proposal. This form can be obtained only by meeting with Ryan Rathmann. A completed program proposal will include the following two documents: a syllabus and credit-hour calculation worksheet (the proposed program must feature a minimum of 37.5 contact hours). Samples of both documents are available on the College website

4. There is up to $1,250 available in scholarship funding for students in 2016. Study Abroad can offer $1,000; the College can offer $250