French Projected Schedule

Course Name Spring Summer Fall
FREN 1001 Elementary French I
FREN 1002 Elementary French II
FREN 2001 Intermediate French I
FREN 2002 Intermediate French II  
FREN 3013 Intensive Grammar Review  
FREN 3023 Advanced Conversation & Comp
FREN 3033 Intro to Analysis of Literary Texts-CTW
FREN 4053 Adv. Grammar and Translation
FREN 4063 Practicum in French  
FREN 4103 History of French Civilization-CTW
FREN 4113 French & Francophone Culture & Civilization
FREN 4123 Contemporary France-CTW
FREN 4303 French Lit Classical Period
FREN 4414 Special Topics in French Lit
FREN 4503 French Romanticism, Realism, and Symbolism
FREN 4623 French Lit of the 20th Century
FREN 4633 Francophone Literature
FREN 4990 Independent Study


= On Campus ***Also offered as an online course