Faculty MAP Mentor Certification


Certification acknowledges that a mentor has engaged in significant training and experience to strengthen mentoring skills. The certificates are awarded at a celebration at the end of the academic year. The certificates are suitable for framing, and copies can be included in annual review and other evaluative materials.

  • MAP Faculty Mentor Certificate (Level I)
  • MAP Faculty Mentor Certificate (Level II)


To receive a MAP Faculty Mentor Certificate (Level 1), mentors are required to earn at least 100,000 points. At least 20,000 of these points must be Blue Points and 80,000 can be a combination of Red and Gray points.
To receive a MAP Faculty Mentor Certificate (Level II), mentors are required to have completed all requirements of a Level I certificate. In addition, the mentor must 1) have demonstrated successful mentee outcomes (e.g., completion of goals identified in the Individual Development Plan) for at least 3 faculty mentees, and 2) earned an additional total of 100,000 Red or Gray points.

  • Blue Points
    • Establishment of a mentoring relationship and submission of a completed
      Mentoring Agreement – 10,000 points
    • Submission of a completed MAP Individual Development Plan – 10,000 points
  • Red Points
    • Completion of 1 CAS MAP Mentor Training Workshop – 10,000 points
  • Gray Points
    • Completion of external mentor training experience approved by the CAS MAP Director – 10,000 points