Welcome to the Faculty Affairs Page

What distinguishes College of Arts & Sciences faculty? We vary widely in our research interests and our instructional styles. Remarkably, we have one passion in common: CAS faculty are transformative instructors, researchers, and leaders. This website is dedicated to fueling that transformative effort.

Learn more about your colleagues through “Faculty Profiles,” which spotlights individual faculty. “Faculty-to-Faculty” 2-minute video clips bring individual faculty expertise to bear on research strategies, instructional challenges, P&T, etc. – everything geared to your growth as a faculty member. “Quick Links” connects you to key services, offices, and policy banks. The “Chairs Resources” and “Faculty Resources” pages house useful articles and links to professional development resources.

This “Welcome” portal will soon offer recommendations for articles, websites, conference opportunities, and other resources and events of general interest to our faculty. And from time to time, we’ll offer webinars targeting specific issues. Check in regularly!

Finally, we hope that this website introduces us to each other. The College of Arts and Sciences boasts over 525 permanent faculty – let’s celebrate and learn from one another