Engaging Issues in Higher Ed

“The more academics seek to inform and shape policy, the more they must confront efforts to undermine their influence.”

Faculty must push back against challenges to the importance of expertise in public debate. Learn more in Linda Stamato’s article for Inside Higher Ed, “Academe Must Challenge the Skeptics of Expertise.” Linda Stamato is a faculty fellow at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.


A recent survey shows, first-generation college students and underrepresented minorities are “substantially less likely to identify a professor as their mentor” than their classmates. Why? Check out “Survey: Professors as Mentors to Undergraduates”  by Paul Fain in Inside Higher Ed (October 30, 2018).


Having female peers – even just a few of them – can increase a woman’s odds of making it through her Ph.D. program in the natural sciences,  technology, engineering or math,” concludes the National Bureau of Economic Research. To learn more, read “Nevertheless She Persisted?” in Colleen Flaherty’s recent Inside Higher Ed article.
Colleen Flaherty, M.S. Ed., is a reporter covering faculty issues for Inside Higher Ed.


Now that the semester is settling down, are you trying to write – and struggling?  Dr. Rachel Toor (Eastern Washington University) offers strategies in her Chronicle of Higher Education article, “6 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block.”
Dr. Rachel Toor is a professor of creative writing at Eastern Washington University’s writing program in Spokane.



A recent issue of Inside Higher Ed includes an opinion piece by Curtis Newbold that challenges faculty to rethink what it means to teach in higher ed. Check it out here: Not Your Mother’s Online Class
Dr. Chris Newbold is Associate Professor of Communication at Westminster College (Salt Lake City)




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