Continuous Enrollment

As part of the university’s continuous enrollment policy, students in all graduate programs must maintain enrollment totaling 6 hrs (or more) over all consecutive three semester periods (including summers). In other words, the total enrollment of the current term plus the two terms preceding it must add to 6 hours or more at all times.

The status of all students will be checked by the midpoint of each term for compliance with the continuous enrollment requirement. Any student whose enrollment is out of compliance will be placed on inactive status effective at the end of the current term and all pre-registration for subsequent terms will be canceled. Those students will be notified by an e-mail message sent to their official Georgia State University e-mail account.

To resume their programs, inactive students must file for re-entry by the published deadline and must enroll at a level sufficient to satisfy the continuous enrollment criterion. That is, their enrollment in the re-entry term plus the two terms preceding it must total to 6 hours or more. The maximum required enrollment level for the re-entry term is 6 hours. For more information on the re-entry process, see section 1100 of the Graduate Catalog or visit the Re-entry Admissions page.

Completion-Term Enrollment Requirement:

Additionally, all students must be enrolled in the term in which they complete the requirements for their degree. Normally, this is the term in which they will graduate. However, if the requirements are completed after the deadline for graduation in a term, but before the first day of classes in the subsequent term, then it is not necessary to enroll in the subsequent term. If the continuous enrollment criterion is not met in the term in which degree requirements are completed, then it must be met in the term of graduation. Students who have enrolled for a total 6 or more hours in the two terms preceding the term of completion may register for 1 hour in that term, unless their department requires a higher number of hours.