In the College of Arts and Sciences, we are proud of the many connections our faculty, staff and students have not only to communities and groups in metro Atlanta, but around the world. The college considers these community and cross-cultural relationships – whether it’s working with schoolchildren or going to do research in another country – to be a key part of our mission.

Our students work with local communities on research, service and teaching projects that benefit both the university and the city. In addition, our lectures, performances and exhibitions – largely free and open to the public – play a major role in the cultural life of downtown neighborhoods. Our events have featured former presidents, Nobel laureates, and other notable academics, artists and performers.

We also encourage our students to experience other cultures. Some work with local immigrant communities and refugee organizations, while others take part in one of the college’s many study-abroad and exchange programs.

Finally, the college is fortunate to have a large number of interested friends and alumni who support its students, faculty, staff and programs.

Please look through this section of the website to learn more about these connections to communities in Atlanta and around the world.