Undergraduate Learning

Dr. Paul Ulrich Receives the 2016 University Faculty Award for Undergraduate Research

Dr. Paul Ulrich grew up in a family that promoted discovery and curiosity, setting the stage for his future career in higher education and biological research. In 2000, he earned a bachelor of science degree in biology from Houghton College. Dr. Ulrich pursued graduate training at the University Of Delaware College Of Marine Studies, where… more »

Experiential Learning Program Provides Students with Signature Experiences in the U.S.

Three years ago, photography Professor Nancy Floyd presented Jonathan Gayles, associate dean for undergraduate learning, with an idea to take her students to a place where they could not only learn lessons in a classroom but also experience the lessons for themselves.

From that initial meeting with Gayles, the College of Arts and Sciences domestic… more »

Spring Break Study Abroad Programs

Posted On March 8, 2016

Spring Break study abroad programs are unique study abroad experiences that open up the opportunity to study abroad to a wide variety of GSU students. Have you ever thought to study abroad sounded great but there’s a long list of reasons that it “just isn’t for me”? The program costs are too high? Can’t take that much time… more »

New Course: Race & Health, Topics in AAS

Health is not equally distributed.  Despite significant improvements in the quality of health care available in the United States since the nineteenth century, certain groups suffer from disproportionately greater rates of disease and death.  Many factors, including race, impact health outcomes.  This course explores the frameworks used to explain racial/ethnic differences in health and moves… more »