Student Outreach

International Exchange Student Buddy Program

Posted On September 1, 2016

What is the International Exchange Student Buddy Program?

When new international exchange students come at Georgia State University, they’re starting a life-changing adventure and are sure to have some questions along the way.  Adjusting to a new cultural environment can be fun and exciting, but it can also be intimidating and challenging.  That’s where our wonderful… more »

Alumnus Uses Skills Learned at Georgia State to Save Lives

David Deal wasn’t the poster child for academic success as an undergraduate.

After attending two other universities and barely graduating, Deal finally found the right fit: Georgia State University.

Now, the physics alumnus is using the skills he learned in his Georgia State physics major to save lives. Tru-D SmartUVC, a device he created alongside… more »

New program connects Georgia State University students and international exchange students

The College of Arts and Sciences has added a new program to its roster: The International Exchange Student Buddy Program. Headed by Director of International Programs, Gayle Nelson, the program sets out to enrich and ease the study abroad experience for incoming international exchange students.

The International Student Program matches Georgia State University students from… more »

Student’s Organization Does Humanitarian Work the Right Way

Humanitarian work is often characterized by a series of quick fixes, fixes that focus more on the problem than the people. Our good intentions can have unexpected consequences. Political Science doctoral student Greg Hodgin is looking for new ways to help. So he created the solution to this problem: Peacebuilding Solutions.

Founded in 2008, Peacebuilding… more »

2013-2014 Undergraduate Advisory Board Announced

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Learning Jonathan Gayles announces that 16 students have been selected as new members of the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Advisory Board:

Margracious Brown (Biology) Scott Chilton (Political Science) Michelle Eno (English) Brittany Frazier (Chemistry) Neil Gillette (Biology and History) Travon Haynes (Chemistry) Shakerra Henry (Psychology) John Hill (History)… more »

Student Spotlight: Anisa Palmer

Posted On May 2, 2013

Senior Communication major Anisa Palmer is the Founder and Executive Director of I Will Survive, Inc., a nonprofit organization advocating for breast cancer awareness in lower-income communities through education and funding.

Anisa founded the purpose-driven mission after she returned from Iraq, where she served a military tour of duty in 2010. After surviving war,… more »