Spotlight on New Courses

Experiential Learning Program Provides Students with Signature Experiences in the U.S.

Three years ago, photography Professor Nancy Floyd presented Jonathan Gayles, associate dean for undergraduate learning, with an idea to take her students to a place where they could not only learn lessons in a classroom but also experience the lessons for themselves.

From that initial meeting with Gayles, the College of Arts and Sciences domestic… more »

Maymester Course: HIST 4490 The Civil Rights Movement





Prof. Glenn T. Eskew

[email protected]

Fifty years ago nonviolent protests designed to end racial discrimination racked the nation as demands for civil rights filled the streets and legislative halls.  This Special Topics History Course 4490 on the Civil Rights Movement in… more »

Spotlight on New Courses: Greek and Roman Mythology

CLAS 2203

“Greek and Roman Mythology”

Summer TR 1:50-4:20 (CRN 54021)

Dr. Gerard Pendrick

[email protected]

Students can find more information about a BIS in Classical Studies and information about other offerings in MCL at

Course Description:

“In this class we will explore some of the best-known myths from ancient Greece. The class will begin… more »

Maymester Course: Black Dance

AAS 4970: Black Dance

From Bahia to Dakar, Cuba to Guinea, New York to Port of Spain, the rhythms of moving bodies signify and identify communities of people.  In dancehalls, sacred spaces, and neighborhood yards people speak to one another through a vocabulary of hips, steps, twists, and breaks.  This course… more »

Spotlight on New Courses: Fall 2014 Philosophy Internship Courses

The Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce that beginning in the fall of 2014 philosophy majors and minors can take a philosophy internship course for three credit hours provided that they meet certain eligibility and course requirements.  Detailed information about the philosophy internship course can be found here:  Internships allow students the… more »

Spotlight on New Courses- WST 4910/AAS 4970, Special Topics: Gender and Sexuality in the African Diaspora

WST 4910/AAS 4970, Special Topics: Gender and Sexuality in the African Diaspora

How might we (re) theorize gender and sexuality if we use the African Diaspora as our point of departure?  During this course we will think about the kinds of conceptual tools: questions, methods, theories, histories, geographies, time periods, and social/cultural movements that we… more »

Spotlight on New Courses- PHOT 3050, Selected Topics: Documentary Photography

Spotlight on New Courses is a new feature on the blog that highlights courses for undergraduates that have never been offered before at GSU.

PHOT 3050, Selected Topics: Documentary Photography provides students with an intensive course of practical, hands-on research of the Serenbe Community south of Atlanta.  The course is designed to strengthen investigative skills… more »