Social Sciences

Recent Faculty Publications (Sociology)

Charles Jaret, Professor Emeritus: Robert Adelman, Lesley Williams Reid, Gail Markle, Saskia Weiss, and Charles Jaret (2017). “Urban crime rates and the changing face of immigration: Evidence across four decades.” Journal of Ethnicity and Criminal Justice 15 (1): 52-77. doi: 10.1080/15377938.2016.1261057

Charles Jaret (2017). “Atlanta’s potential immigrant voters: Where are they, who are they, and… more »

Recent Faculty Publications (Political Science)

Daniel Franklin, Associate Professor: Daniel P Franklin, “Trump Could Be A ‘Reconstructive President,’ Completely Transforming The U.S. For 40 Years,” in World (Huffington) Post. February 10, 2017

Daniel P Franklin, with Judd Thornton and Abigail Bowen, “Do Third Party Candidacies Influence Voter Turnout?” in The Conversation. January 19, 2017. Reprinted in U.S. News and World… more »

Recent Faculty Publications (Geosciences)

Hassan Babaie, Associate Professor: Khalatbari Jafari, Morteza, Hassan A. Babaie, 2016. The geodynamic significance of the correlation of the Khoy ophiolites in northwest Iran with ophiolites in southeast Turkey. Geological Society of America Special Papers, 525, eds (R. B. Sorkhabi), p. SPE525-08, doi:10.1130/2016.2525(08).

Khalatbari Jafari, Morteza, Hassan A. Babaie, Mohammad Elyas Moslempour, 2016. Mid-ocean-ridge to… more »

Recent Faculty Publications (Applied Linguistics and ESL)

Scott Crossley, Associate Professor: Berger, C. M., Crossley, S., & Kyle, K. (2017). Using native-speaker psycholinguistic response norms to predict lexical proficiency and development in second-language production. Applied Linguistics. doi: 10.1093/applin/amx005

Stephanie Lindemann, Associate Professor: Lindemann, Stephanie (2017). Variation or ‘error’? Perception of pronunciation variation and its implications for assessment. In Talia Isaacs & Pavel… more »

Recent Faculty Publications

Department of Anthropology

Emanuela Guano, Associate Professor

Emanuela Guano, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Creative Urbanity: An Italian Middle Class in the Shade of Revitalization (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016).

Emanuela Guano, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Immaginado Buenos Aires (Milan: Franco Angeli, 2016).

Steven Black, Assistant Professor

Black, S. (2017). “Anthropological Ethics and the Communicative Affordances… more »

Recent Faculty Publications

Department of Applied Linguistics and ESL

Lucy Pickering, Eric Friginal, and Shelley Staples (eds.), Talking at Work: Corpus-based Explorations of Workplace Discourse (Palgrave MacMillan, 2016).

Department of Biology

Wright N, Rida P, Krishnamurti U, Li X, Aneja R. “Targeted drugs and diagnostic assays: Companions in the race to combat ethnic disparity.” Frontiers in Bioscience (Landmark… more »

College names Dean’s Early Career Award winners

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce this year’s Dean’s Early Career Award winners: Assistant Professors Monique Moultrie of Religious Studies, Julia Gaffield of History, and Suazette Reid Mooring of Chemistry.

The Dean’s Early Career Awards provide research funding to rising faculty stars each year. The award helps the College of Arts… more »