Natural and Computational Sciences

Recent Faculty Publications (Neuroscience)

Anne Z Murphy, Associate Professor: HH Doyle, LN Eidson, DM Sinkiewicz, and Anne Z. Murphy (associate professor of neuroscience) (2017). “Sex Differences in Microglia Activity within the Periaqueductal Gray of the Rat: A Potential Mechanism Driving the Dimorphic Effects of Morphine.” Journal of Neuroscience, 20 February 2017, 2906-16. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2906-16.2017.

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Recent Faculty Publications (Mathematics and Statistics)

Vladimir Bondarenko, Associate Professor: Kelvin Rozier, Vladimir E. Bondarenko (2017). Distinct Physiological Effects of β1- and β2-Adrenoceptors in Mouse Ventricular Myocytes: Insights from a Compartmentalized Mathematical Model. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2017 Jan 25:ajpcell.00273.2016. doi: 10.1152/ajpcell.00273.2016.

Yi Zhao, Professor: J. Han, A. Lo, A. Treglown, and Y. Zhao (2017). Exact minimum codegree threshold for… more »

Recent Faculty Publications (Geosciences)

Hassan Babaie, Associate Professor: Khalatbari Jafari, Morteza, Hassan A. Babaie, 2016. The geodynamic significance of the correlation of the Khoy ophiolites in northwest Iran with ophiolites in southeast Turkey. Geological Society of America Special Papers, 525, eds (R. B. Sorkhabi), p. SPE525-08, doi:10.1130/2016.2525(08).

Khalatbari Jafari, Morteza, Hassan A. Babaie, Mohammad Elyas Moslempour, 2016. Mid-ocean-ridge to… more »

Recent Faculty Publications (Biology)

Margo Brinton, Regents’ Professor: Basu M, Courtney SC, Brinton MA (2017). Arsenite-induced stress granule formation is inhibited by elevated levels of reduced glutathione in West Nile virus-infected cells. PLoS Pathog. 2017 Feb 27;13(2):e1006240. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1006240. PMID: 28241074

Zhang J, Pearson JZ, Gorbet GE, Cölfen H, Germann MW, Brinton MA, Demeler B (2017). Spectral and Hydrodynamic… more »

Recent Faculty Publications

Department of Anthropology

Emanuela Guano, Associate Professor

Emanuela Guano, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Creative Urbanity: An Italian Middle Class in the Shade of Revitalization (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016).

Emanuela Guano, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Immaginado Buenos Aires (Milan: Franco Angeli, 2016).

Steven Black, Assistant Professor

Black, S. (2017). “Anthropological Ethics and the Communicative Affordances… more »

Recent Faculty Publications

Department of Applied Linguistics and ESL

Lucy Pickering, Eric Friginal, and Shelley Staples (eds.), Talking at Work: Corpus-based Explorations of Workplace Discourse (Palgrave MacMillan, 2016).

Department of Biology

Wright N, Rida P, Krishnamurti U, Li X, Aneja R. “Targeted drugs and diagnostic assays: Companions in the race to combat ethnic disparity.” Frontiers in Bioscience (Landmark… more »

College names Dean’s Early Career Award winners

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce this year’s Dean’s Early Career Award winners: Assistant Professors Monique Moultrie of Religious Studies, Julia Gaffield of History, and Suazette Reid Mooring of Chemistry.

The Dean’s Early Career Awards provide research funding to rising faculty stars each year. The award helps the College of Arts… more »

Treating social anxiety with virtual reality

First-year college students arrive on campus with tremendous excitement – and in some cases, tremendous worry. When students confront an entirely new social scene, without the support of the friends and family they left at home, they may develop social anxiety, or the fear of being negatively evaluated or humiliated.

Social anxiety affects up… more »

2016 Dean’s Early Career Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce this year’s Dean’s Early Career Award winners: Assistant Professors Jeffrey Boortz of Art and Design, Zhipeng Cai of Computer Science, Gina Marie Caison of English, Nadine Kabengi of Chemistry and Geosciences and Jennifer Craft Morgan of Gerontology.

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Georgia State Junior R. Andrew Sevrinsky Selected As Barry M. Goldwater Scholar

R. Andrew Sevrinsky, a Georgia State University Honors College student, has been named a Barry M. Goldwater Scholar, one of 252 award recipients nationwide.

Noa Erlitzki, an Honors College junior, earned honorable mention for the Goldwater Scholarship, marking the first time that Georgia State has had two students recognized by the Goldwater Foundation in… more »