Academic Appeals

Academic and Non-Academic Appeals

Our hope is for students to proceed through their programs without any obstacles. However, grievances concerning academic and non-academic matters may arise.

Students should first address the matter with the faculty or department involved. If unable to reach a resolution, students can submit an appeal as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct at and the Graduate Catalog at

For non-academic matters, the Office of Graduate Services can guide students in the right direction. For questions about the appeals process and policies, or to discuss student concerns, please contact Mariam Qureshi at


Petition of Deviation from College Requirements:

Students who wish to deviate from a degree requirement, request a time limit waiver for degree completion/expired coursework, or obtain an approved exception to the transfer credit policy must submit the Petition of Deviation form for review by the Graduate Petitions Committee.

The Petition of Deviation form can be found at

The Graduate Catalog can be found at