Georgia State University has grown in recent years, changing from a commuter school into a vibrant urban campus while retaining its core values of access, diversity and excellence. The College of Arts and Sciences, which represents roughly half of Georgia State’s faculty and students, is at the heart of this transformation.

Degrees and Diversity

The college’s 80 undergraduate and graduate degree programs connect an extraordinarily diverse group of students to top-notch faculty, world-class facilities, and all the opportunities of a global city. Our programs blend theoretical and applied learning, scholarly and professional preparation, and scientific and artistic expression.

Research and Discovery

Research and creative discovery are what make us a university. Faculty and students in the college work together both within and across disciplines on crucial social, cultural and scientific issues. In our labs, libraries and other facilities, teams of faculty and students are working on a cure for cancer and a universal influenza vaccine, discovering new stars and planets, delving into the connection between digital images and trans-cultural conflict, and staging everything from grand operas to multi-artist exhibitions.

Community and the World

Georgia State is Atlanta’s university, and our programs are designed to contribute to the economic, social and cultural life of the city. The college works with local communities on research, service and teaching projects that benefit everyone involved. In addition, our lectures, performances and exhibitions – most free and open to the public – play a major role in the cultural life of downtown neighborhoods and the city.

In this new global age, the college also emphasizes international research and education. The college manages 24 student exchange programs and roughly 40 faculty-led study-abroad programs each year. College departments and faculty have been leaders in adding global perspectives to their courses, and in finding new ways to prepare our students for their global future.