Georgia State Opens South Pole Solar Observatory

ATLANTA—Dr. Stuart Jefferies, professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Georgia State University, will lead a multi-institutional team in opening the South Pole Solar Observatory in Antarctica and installing and operating instruments that will record high-resolution images of the Sun.

The project, sponsored by the National Science Foundation’s Division of Polar Programs,… more »

College names Dean’s Early Career Award winners

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce this year’s Dean’s Early Career Award winners: Assistant Professors Monique Moultrie of Religious Studies, Julia Gaffield of History, and Suazette Reid Mooring of Chemistry.

The Dean’s Early Career Awards provide research funding to rising faculty stars each year. The award helps the College of Arts… more »

Amphetamine May Slow Rise Of Body Temperature And Mask Fatigue To Enhance Endurance, Study Finds Amphetamine May Slow Rise Of Body Temperature And Mask Fatigue To Enhance Endurance, Study Finds

ATLANTA—Amphetamine may slow down the rise of temperature in the body and mask fatigue, which could allow athletes to run significantly longer but result in potentially dangerous overheating of muscles, according to a study. 

Researchers at Georgia State University and Indiana University have identified a new mechanism underlying the physical performance enhancement effect of… more »

Georgia News Lab Wins 2016 Larry Peterson Award

For the second consecutive year the Georgia News Lab has been named the collegiate winner of the Larry Peterson Award for Investigative Journalism.

The Larry Peterson Award, sponsored by the Southeast chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Savannah Morning News, recognizes professional and student journalists who have produced noteworthy investigative broadcasting, print,… more »

U.S. Ambassador Visits Georgia State to Discuss Ongoing War in the Middle East

U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker is headed to Georgia State University for a student-faculty dialogue on war in the Middle East and the challenges that lie ahead for President-Elect Donald Trump and his administration. 

Crocker is the former U.S. ambassador of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Kuwait and Lebanon.

“This student-faculty dialogue comes at a time… more »

Philosophy Alum Helps Start First Philosophy Master’s Program in Cambodia

Thanks to the work of philosophy alumna, Maria Montello, and the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia now has its first-ever Philosophy Master of Arts program.

“People say that when you go into this line of work, you can be guaranteed that only one person will change as the result of it—you,” Montello said. “That… more »

Researchers Use Fruit Flies To Understand How Body Responds To Harmful, Cold Stimuli Researchers Use Fruit Flies To Understand How Body Responds To Harmful, Cold Stimuli

ATLANTA–The tiny fruit fly can help humans investigate the genetic and neural bases of detecting painful or harmful cold stimuli and offer intriguing, potential implications for human health, according to a new study. 

A team of researchers led by Dr. Daniel N. Cox, associate professor of neuroscience at Georgia State University, has discovered that… more »

Chemistry Ph.D. Student Recognized as National Role Model

Jalisa Holmes, a chemistry Ph.D. student, has been named a 2016 Minority Access National Role Model.

Minority Access is a nonprofit organization committed to increasing academic, research and employment opportunities for underrepresented groups. Through its National Role Models Project, Minority Access honors minority groups that are not widely recognized, such as scientists, researchers and innovators,… more »

Atlanta: Still the Black Mecca?

“Still the Black Mecca?: Race, Social Inequality and Urban Displacement in 21st Century Atlanta” is a day-long symposium exploring racial equity in the historic capital of the Civil Rights Movement, held at the Georgia State Law School on November 9, 2016. Panelists will discuss structural racism; political, cultural and economic solutions; and will connect scholars,… more »