Philosophy Professor Receives Grant to Study Moral Injury in Soldiers

Professor Andrew I. Cohen of the Philosophy Department at Georgia State University has received a two-year, $180,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to investigate moral injury in post-deployment soldiers.

Experts define moral injury as a disorientation and loss of trust in others or self caused by involvement in injustice or wrongdoing.… more »

Georgia State University Welcomes the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra of Atlanta

Atlanta, GA  – The Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra of Atlanta (MYSO) is a community-based youth orchestra dedicated to furthering the music education of its students. The primary goal of MYSO is to instill in its students a love for music that will stay with them forever.

Dr. Wade Weast, Dean of Georgia State University’s College of the… more »

Treating social anxiety with virtual reality

First-year college students arrive on campus with tremendous excitement – and in some cases, tremendous worry. When students confront an entirely new social scene, without the support of the friends and family they left at home, they may develop social anxiety, or the fear of being negatively evaluated or humiliated.

Social anxiety affects up… more »

New Drug Target Could Prevent Tolerance and Addiction to Opioids, Neuroscience Study Finds

ATLANTA—Researchers have identified a brain mechanism that could be a drug target to help prevent tolerance and addiction to opioid pain medication, such as morphine, according to a study by Georgia State University and Emory University.

The findings, published in the Nature journalNeuropsychopharmacology in August, show for the first time that morphine tolerance… more »

Georgia State Alum and His Wife Donate Typewriter Collection to Communications Department

Jack Murphy, an Arizona journalist, gave his daughter Kathleen Murphy Harber her first typewriter before she went to college.

Since that day, more than 40 years ago, she and her husband, Georgia State University alumnus Randall Harber, have collected an estimated 48 typewriters.

Now, the Harbers have donated 27 of those typewriters to Georgia State’s Communications… more »

Graduate Biology Student Wins Top Award at National Conference

ATLANTA—A Georgia State University graduate student has been awarded the Carol Litchfield Memorial Award for best student presentation in environmental microbiology at the annual meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology.

Kyle Gabriel, an applied and environmental microbiology doctoral student in the Department of Biology at Georgia State, studies and develops novel microbial… more »

History Department Receives Grant to Broaden Career Opportunities for Graduate Students

Georgia State University’s History Department has received a $3,000 Career Diversity for Historians grant from the American Historical Association (AHA) to fund programming that will introduce graduate students to a wide variety of career opportunities.

The grant was created to address the decline in traditional teaching jobs available for Ph.D. students.

“Georgia State… more »

Georgia State University’s English and History Departments Receive Grant to Transform Humanities Education

Georgia State University’s Student Innovation Fellowship Program, along with its English and History Departments, have been awarded the National Endowment for the Humanities’ (NEH) Next Generation Humanities Ph.D. grant to improve Ph.D. students’ learning and prospective career experience.

The Next Generation Ph.D. program addresses the need for humanities Ph.D. students to be better prepared for… more »

In Memoriam: William “Bill” Sessions

Posted On August 16, 2016 by Tiffany Carter
Categories English, News

The College of Arts and Sciences is sad to announce the passing of William “Bill” Sessions, Professor Emeritus of English Literature at Georgia State University. Sessions was a gifted professor, well respected by the English community. 

“He was a man of many amazing experiences,” said Paul Voss, English professor and family friend. “He was… more »

Working and Volunteering Could Reduce Disablement in Seniors, Study Finds

Working or volunteering can reduce the chances of chronic health conditions leading to physical disability in older Americans, according to researchers at Georgia State University and Florida State University.

The study found people ages 50 to 64 who worked full-time or part-time or volunteered up to 100 hours per year experienced a reduction in the… more »