Presidential Scholar Maggie Hunt Arrives with a Big Voice — and Bigger Plans

Posted On August 25, 2015
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The Presidential Scholarship is among the top awards an incoming Georgia State student can receive. In addition to covering full tuition, fees and on-campus housing for four years, it provides stipends for living expenses and study-abroad programs. It also includes automatic acceptance to Georgia State’s Honors College, which offers smaller classes, specialized advising and… more »

Chemistry Ph.D. Student Wins Big at Prestigious Gordon Research Conference

Chemistry Ph.D. student Crystal Smitherman has received the Jeremy Knowles Travel Award at the 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Enzymes, Coenzymes and Metabolic Pathways.

“The conference is pretty intense,” said Smitherman. “There are attendees at this conference that graduate and postdoctoral students only read about, so we’re able to see the people publishing cutting-edge work.… more »

History Professor’s Documentary of Jamaican Heroine to Premiere at UN

As a child, history Assistant Professor Harcourt Fuller was always intrigued by stories of his Jamaican ancestors, collectively called the Maroons. His favorite: the story of Queen Nanny, a national Jamaican heroine known for leading the Maroons in their military victory over Great Britain during the 18th century.

Now, Fuller is sharing Queen Nanny’s story… more »

Geological Society of America and Exxon Mobil Recognize Geosciences Department

The College of Arts and Sciences Geosciences Department has received the Geological Society of America (GSA) and Exxon Mobil Field Camp Excellence Award for its basic and advanced geology field camps.

 The $10,000 award is given every summer to assist a geology field camp with summer semester costs. Winners are chosen based on… more »