Biology Chair Named Regents’ Professor

Biology Chair Yi Pan has been appointed as a Regents’ Professor by the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents.

Regents’ Professorships are awarded to faculty whose achievements and work have been recognized both nationally and internationally. Georgia State University faculty who receive this honor must hold the rank of professor.

Pan is a professor… more »

Applied Linguistics Student Receives National Academy of Education Fellowship

Nicholas Subtirelu, an Applied Linguistics and ESL Ph.D. student, has been selected to be a National Academy of Education Spencer Dissertation Fellow. Subtirelu will receive $27,500 during the year-long fellowship period to complete his dissertation.

The Spencer Dissertation Fellowship is awarded to students whose dissertation research supports developments in the history, theory or practice of… more »

The Tie That Binds

The groom wipes the sweat from his palms and nervously asks the bride to be his wife. He slips a ring on her finger, they cry, they kiss, they call their parents to share the great news. Then comes the planning, the traditions, the gown and the tuxedo.

The big day finally happens. Two individuals… more »

Political Science Professor Examines Hip-Hop and Politics in New Book

After a trip to the movie theater to see Dave Chappell’s Block Party, political science Assistant Professor Lakeyta Bonnette knew exactly what she wanted to write her Ph.D. dissertation on: Hip-Hop and politics.

“Usually the conversation we have about Hip-Hop is that it’s derogative and negatively impacts the community, specifically the youth,” she said. “Leaving… more »

Geology Field School Recognized with Excellence Award ExxonMobil

The Geosciences Department’s Geology Field School has been awarded $10,000 from the Geological Society of America and ExxonMobil for the 2015 Field Camp Excellence Award.

The Field Camp Excellence Award is awarded annually to a geology field camp to assist with summer semester costs. Winners are chosen based on safety awareness, diversity and technical excellence.

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Researchers Discover New Enzyme, Could Lead To Relief Of Worldwide Vitamin A Deficiency

A research team’s discovery of new information about how plants synthesize carotenoids, precursors for vitamin A that are essential for plant development and survival, and human health, could help scientists increase the levels of provitamin A in food crops and reduce global vitamin A deficiency.

The World Health Organization estimates 250 million children suffer from… more »

Chimpanzees Capable Of Metacognition, Research Shows

Chimpanzees are capable of metacognition, or thinking about one’s own thinking, and can adjust their behavior accordingly, researchers at Georgia State University, Agnes Scott College, Wofford College and the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York have discovered.

Their findings, published June 6 in the journal Cognition, suggest chimpanzees share with humans the… more »

Ability To Delay Gratification Linked To Specific Brain Structures

Posted On June 8, 2015

ATLANTA—The ability to delay gratification in chimpanzees is linked to how specific structures of the brain are connected and communicate with each other, according to researchers at Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University.

Their findings were published June 3 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

This study provides the first… more »