Georgia State University Gerontology Institute Named Evaluator for Care Team Redesign Initiative

The Gerontology Institute at Georgia State University has received a $468,053 grant from the Hitachi Foundation to evaluate the Care Team Redesign Initiative (CTRI), an initiative that aims to spark significant organizational change in the healthcare industry.

CTRI will focus on helping organizations make changes to the roles and compensation of their medical assistants (MAs) and other care team personnel in an effort to improve patient access and quality care.

The Hitachi Foundation chose to center much of its CTRI programming on MAs since this group is often at the front-line of the patient care experience. Research also shows that providers who train and use advanced MAs in team-based clinical settings see an increase in both patient and employee satisfaction.

Over a two-year timespan, the initiative will work with four primary care centers to train more than 400 MAs and advance roughly 280 MAs. The four care centers selected by the Hitachi Foundation are: Altamed Health Services in Los Angeles, CA.; Anne Arundel Medical Center in Anne Arundel, MD.; Billings Clinic in Billings, MT.; and Duke Primary Care in Durham, NC.

Georgia State’s Gerontology Institute will lead a quasi-experimental evaluation of the initiative’s clinical and workforce outcomes to measure its patient impact and business value.

“We are pleased to engage Georgia State University’s Gerontology Institute in evaluating training and advancement of medical assistants,” said senior program officer Tom Strong. “Jennifer Craft Morgan (Georgia State University) and her colleagues Emmeline Chuang (University of California, Los Angeles), Janette Dill (University of Akron) and Chivon Mingo (Georgia State University) have years of experience evaluating workforce and healthcare delivery programs, including the Jobs to Careers program with The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Their expertise will be instrumental in understanding the business value and patient impact of investing in this important and understudied workforce.”

About The Hitachi Foundation

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