Student Shines Light on the Power of Hip Hop in Senegal

Film major Babacar Ndiaye vividly remembers summertime car rides in his hometown of Chicago with his father. The best part of those car rides: the Senegalese music playing on the radio. For his father, it was a way to share a piece of his Senegalese heritage with his son. For Ndiaye, it became a source… more »

New Media Production Center To Revitalize Woodruff Park Area At Georgia State

Georgia State University will revitalize an area adjacent to Woodruff Park by creating a media production center for education, research and entrepreneurship and partnerships with the Georgia film, music, games and arts industries.

The media center will house the university’s new Creative Media Industries Institute, an interdisciplinary institute introduced this fall to build on… more »

Researchers Studying Lead Contamination In Nigerian Gold Mining Villages

In the northwestern villages of Nigeria, many depend on gold ore mining as a way to feed their families. However, their attempt to earn a living is making people sick and even leading to death.

Several years ago, workers at the World Health Organization traveled around Nigerian villages to test people for meningitis.… more »