Continuing a Legacy of Science

Shanthi V. Sitaraman’s generosity couldn’t be limited by walls, job titles or clocks. As a celebrated physician scientist at Emory University with numerous honors and accolades, her lab discoveries shed important light on the causes of and treatments for inflammatory bowel disease, which causes more than 100,000 hospitalizations each year in the United States. But… more »

Brian Meyer, P.G., Defends Ph.D. Dissertation on Environments of St. Catherines Island, Georgia

Posted On July 23, 2013
Categories Geosciences

Brian Meyer successfully defended his Ph.D. Dissertation titled “Shoreline Dynamics and Environmental Change under the Modern Marine Transgression: St. Catherines Island, Georgia.” Brian’s work is focusing on understanding how the environments of St. Catherines Island and the Georgia coastline are changing under the current conditions of rising sea levels. In addition to contributing to our… more »

Dr. Deocampo Succeeds Dr. Elliott as Department Chair

Posted On July 13, 2013
Categories Geosciences

Now that his two terms as Department Chair are completed, Dr. Elliott is returning to the faculty to continue his work in research and teaching. Dr. Elliott is currently pursuing several areas of research, including dealing with how clay minerals can adsorb radioactive contaminants, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Dr. Deocampo becomes Chair… more »