Faculty Highlight: Osizwe Raena Harwell and Undergraduate Research

Posted On April 8, 2013

Osizwe Raena Harwell, Ph.D. is currently a visiting lecturer in the department of African-American Studies. She mentored Alexandria Okeke (Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies), winner of the Library Research Award. Ms. Okeke’s paper is entitled: A Culture of Stigma: Black Women and Mental Health. Her project investigates “the history of medical experimentation on African Americans, the resulting… more »

Sea hares save selves with smell-stopping secretion

Imagine a bloodhound trying to hunt wearing nose plugs. That’s how the spiny lobster feels after being squirted by a substance called opaline by the sea hare, its natural prey. Georgia State researchers have discovered that opaline gunks up a lobster’s antennules, reducing its sense of smell and allowing the sea hare to escape unharmed.

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