Why Register for Summer Classes?

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We hate to admit it, but things can get kind of busy downtown at Georgia State during the fall and spring. But in the summer, our university enjoys a more leisurely pace. Things are a bit quieter, classes are a little smaller, and traffic is less of a challenge (at least around campus). We invite you to give the easy life a try by registering for the many summer offerings in the College of Arts and Sciences today!

online3Learn Online This Summer
If you need a break from the city life, or are going to be located out of town for the summer, you should consider registering for one of our fully or partially online courses. Online courses are available for many undergraduate core courses as well as other required and elective courses in the College of Arts and Sciences. Learn More
 core3_tGet More from the Core
In addition to the online core sections, the College of Arts and Sciences is offering a wide variety of core curriculum courses on campus this summer. Get a head start or finish up your core and graduate on time, maybe early! Core courses are fully transferable across University System of Georgia institutions. Learn More
major2_tMake Major Progress and Graduate Early
If you have completed the core and are anxious to get fitted for your cap and gown, the College of Arts and Sciences is offering many of the 3000- and 4000-level required courses this summer that you may need to complete your degree. Take advantage of this opportunity today to get into courses that are in high demand in the fall and spring. Learn More
 summer3_tFind Summer Assistance
The College of Arts and Sciences and all of Georgia State University wants you to have a great summer on campus. We’ll be providing a variety of resources—including academic advisement, financial guidance, and admissions support—to help you plan your summer experience downtown. Learn More

Find out about all of these opportunities and more at http://cas.gsu.edu/summer. And, if you have any questions for us now about Summer 2017, please send a message to cas@gsu.edu.

We hope to see you this summer!