Summer in Arts and Sciences

Summer 2017 has a lot to offer: smaller classes, online options, and a wide variety of the core and required courses you need to get a fast start or graduate early. Follow the links below to learn more.


Learn Online This Summer

Many core and major-level courses are available in fully or partially online versions this summer.

Get More from the Core

Arts and Sciences is offering a wide variety of core curriculum courses on campus this summer. Get a head start on your core and graduate on time–maybe early!

Make Major Progress

We are offering many of the 3000- and 4000-level required courses this summer that you may need to complete your degree.

Find Summer Assistance

Individuals and offices throughout the college and university are available to help make your summer experience great.

Summer Research Experiences

Learn about special summer opportunities to engage in immersive research programs.

Summer in the City

Info for transient students and special summer programs across the university.