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Department of Psychology welcomes new chair

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 – Ann Claycombe

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The Department of Psychology is starting the new year with a change at the top. Professor Lisa Armistead is taking over as chair, replacing Professor David Washburn, who is stepping down to focus on a new grant, and on his role as director of the university’s Language Research Center.

Armistead, who previously served as the department’s associate chair, is a clinical psychologist and an expert on the role of family stress in child and adolescent functioning. Her recent work focuses on the impact of HIV on families, both in America and in South Africa, and on HIV-prevention programs that reach youth through their families.

Washburn, who has been at Georgia State University since 1994 as a student and then as faculty, has served as chair since 2006. Washburn is a specialist in cognition, both researching differences in cognitive abilities in humans, and comparing cognitive abilities across species. At the Language Research Center, he supervises a unique facility where researchers can work with capuchin monkeys, rhesus macaques, and chimpanzees, some of whom have been trained to use symbols to communicate with humans.

Assistant Professor Chris Henrich will replace Armistead as the department’s new Associate Chair.