Fact Sheet

Degrees Offered: 32 bachelor’s degrees, 29 masters, 16 doctoral

Enrollment (Fall 2015): 15,168 total, 12,975 undergraduate, 2,193 graduate

Graduates (2014-15): 2,437 bachelors, 448 masters, 124 doctoral

Credit hours (Fall 20125): 243,141 total, 208,409 undergraduate, 34,732 graduate

Faculty and Staff (Fall 2015): 647 full-time faculty and over 350 staff members

External Funding: For fiscal year 2015, the college received over $35.53 M in external funding from sources including NSF, NIH, NASA, and federal departments including Education, Energy, Defense, and Health and Human Services.

Facilities: Offices, labs, performance and exhibition facilities across campus, including Langdale Hall, Urban Life, Parker H. Petit Science Center, Sparks Hall, Haas Howell and Rialto, Art & Humanities Building, Kell Hall, Natural Science Center and Annex, 1 Park Place, 25 Park Place, Education Building, Florence Kopleff Recital Hall, Dahlberg Hall Theater, Sculpture Building.