Philosophy Professor Receives Humboldt Fellowship to Study Emotions

Philosophy Professor Andrea Scarantino has been awarded the Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers to work on his project, “The Motivational Theory of Emotions,” at the University of Osnabrück’s Institute of Cognitive Science in Germany.

Scarantino’s interest in emotions was sparked by his dissatisfaction with existing theories’ understanding of emotions primarily as feelings or evaluations. The… more »

Researchers Get $1.5 Million To Develop Solar Astronomy Data On Larger Scale

Researchers in Georgia State University’s new Astroinformatics program have been awarded $1.5 million from the National Science Foundation to develop software tools that can process large sets of solar astronomy data and allow scientists to perform analyses on scales and detail levels that have not been possible.

Rafal Angryk of the Department of Computer Science… more »

Student’s Organization Does Humanitarian Work the Right Way

Humanitarian work is often characterized by a series of quick fixes, fixes that focus more on the problem than the people. Our good intentions can have unexpected consequences. Political Science doctoral student Greg Hodgin is looking for new ways to help. So he created the solution to this problem: Peacebuilding Solutions.

Founded in 2008, Peacebuilding… more »

Bio-Bus Program receives new grant to continue science education

Georgia State University’s Bio-Bus Program has received a five-year, $1.25 million Science and Education Partnership Award (SEPA) from the National Institute of Health (NIH). The grant will fund opportunities to teach genetics literacy in informal venues across the state.

A 30-foot, instructional laboratory on wheels, the Bio-Bus puts the popular cartoon Magic School Bus to… more »

New book explores sainthood and race

Associate Professor of Religious Studies Molly Bassett and former Georgia State University faculty member Vincent Lloyd have co-edited a book that examines the complex relationship of race and religion, specifically in the issue of sainthood.

“In popular imagination, saints exhibit the best characteristics of humanity, universally recognizable but condensed and embodied in an individual. Recent… more »

New Course: Race & Health, Topics in AAS

Health is not equally distributed.  Despite significant improvements in the quality of health care available in the United States since the nineteenth century, certain groups suffer from disproportionately greater rates of disease and death.  Many factors, including race, impact health outcomes.  This course explores the frameworks used to explain racial/ethnic differences in health and moves… more »