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Alumna Kay Craigie has initiated a fundraising challenge to raise money for the Philosophy Student Support Fund. For every dollar raised, Mrs. Craigie will donate two dollars!

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  • No Genetic Link Between Smaller Subcortical Brain Volumes and Risk for Schizophrenia, Researchers FindThere is no evidence of genetic overlap between risk for schizophrenia and brain volume measures, according to researchers in a global study that examined the genes that drive the development of schizophrenia. That was the key finding in a collaborative study involving nearly 600 researchers from more than 350 institutions, including Georgia State University, and… more »
  • Georgia State GNL Student, Investigative Reporters ShineSince its inception in 2014, the Georgia News Lab (GNL) has been devoted to presenting opportunities for students to collaborate and learn investigative journalism through work with professional reporters and editors. This goal has proven successful, as a number of GNL-student articles have been featured on leading news outlets in the Southeast. The GNL is… more »