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Alumna Kay Craigie has initiated a fundraising challenge to raise money for the Philosophy Student Support Fund. For every dollar raised, Mrs. Craigie will donate two dollars!

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  • Socially Meaningful Sounds Can Change Ear, Improve Hearing, Georgia State Research Study FindsHearing socially meaningful sounds can change the ear and enable it to better detect those sounds, according to researchers at Georgia State University who studied the phenomenon in green treefrogs.  The findings are published in the Journal of Experimental Biology. “The ear is modifiable,” said Walter Wilczynski, a professor in the Neuroscience… more »
  • Eudoxie BatabaSummer 2016 Research Experience for Undergraduates Molecular and Biochemical Analysis of Proteins, Purdue University Eudoxie is a sophomore majoring in biology with a pre-medical concentration.  After graduation in 2018, Eudoxie will pursue osteopathic medical training to practice as an obstetrician/gynecologist physician.  She currently volunteers at Good Shepard’s Clinic, a free clinic for the community in… more »