Graduate Services

Admission Status

Posted On September 22, 2014

You’ve submitted an application for graduate study…now what?  Below you will find some common questions and answers about the review process.

What happens to my application after submission?

The department will have access to materials as they are submitted.  Your application will be reviewed in its entirety.

Did you get my application materials?

You can… more »

Funding Your Education

Posted On September 17, 2014

Funding Your Education

Graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences have access to a wide variety of funding sources, many of which are listed below.

Graduate Assistantships

Each A&S departments offers a limited number of graduate teaching, research, and laboratory assistantships. Assistantships provide stipends and tuition waivers for up to 20 hours or… more »

Continuous Enrollment

Posted On August 28, 2014

As part of the university’s continuous enrollment policy, students in all graduate programs must maintain enrollment totaling 6 hrs (or more) over all consecutive three semester periods (including summers). In other words, the total enrollment of the current term plus the two terms preceding it must add to 6 hours or more at all times.

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Citizenship Verification

Posted On July 28, 2014

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia requires that any student applying to Georgia State University will be required to provide verification of their lawful presence in the United States before their admission to the university can be finalized. This requirement is detailed in the following Board of Regents policies:

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Non-Degree & Transient Admission

Posted On October 17, 2013

The College of Arts and Sciences provides the opportunity for students who are not in direct pursuit of a graduate degree to take courses in some departments. Applicants seeking the status of non-degree or transient student are subject to the same fees and application restrictions of other applicants, although departmental standards for admission… more »

International Admission

Posted On October 17, 2013

Georgia State University will continue to review international applicants for admission, regardless of country of citizenship or nationality. Please be advised that students from the seven countries mentioned in the January 27, 2017, Executive Order may have difficulties obtaining a visa and entering the U.S. in the near future.

Applicants who completed… more »

Newly Admitted – Next Steps

Posted On October 17, 2013

Welcome to graduate study in the College of Arts & Sciences at Georgia State University. The following will assist you in the enrollment process.

New Graduate Student Orientation & Check-In Events

Each fall and spring semester, the Office of Graduate Services will host orientation activities, including our Check-In & Get Connected events.  These drop-in events provide guided… more »