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Information for Transfer Students

These pages are designed to answer many of the questions you may have as you begin the transition to GSU. It provides useful tips and strategies on a variety of topics such as course selection, academic planning and making the most of your experience at GSU. In addition, it provides information on campus resources, opportunities and services that will help enrich your student experience and prepare you for future endeavors.

This guide is divided into the following sections, which we encourage you to read carefully (please use navigation on the left to toggle between sections):

Section I: Admissions and first steps for accepted students
Section II: Academic Evaluation and Transfer Credit
Section III: Advisement
Section IV: Placement Exams/Testing
Section V: Registration
Section VI: University and College Policies and Procedures
Section VII: College of Arts& Sciences Resources
Section VIII: Campus Resources
Section IX: Panther Lingo

A special thanks to Brian Buckwald, Ann Claycombe, Dena Freeman-Patton, Lynette Forté, Mimi Haley, Kelly Herrera, Tim Jansa, Jennifer Lee, Jerria McCoy, Carmela Pattillo, and René Presti who helped makes this handbook possible. For questions regarding the Transfer Student Handbook please contact Mimi Haley or call 404.413.5000.