Arts & Sciences in the Media, June 2017

Posted On August 21, 2017
Categories Faculty Highlights

Every month, our faculty members help shape the national conversation by speaking to the media on a wide range of social, political, scientific, educational and cultural issues. In April, May and June, those media appearances included:

Elizabeth J. West, associate professor of English, wrote in The Conversation on the way World War I sparked an African-American cultural renaissance. More.

Marilynn Richtarik, professor of English, wrote in the Irish Times on playwright Stewart Parker and her efforts to prepare his unpublished manuscript for publication. More.

Randy Malamud, Regents’ professor of English, wrote for Times Higher Education on his experience going to a conference in Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost human settlement. More.

Allen Fromherz, associate professor of history and director of the Middle East Studies Center, spoke to NPR about several countries in the Middle East breaking off diplomatic ties with Qatar. More. Fromherz also spoke to Vox about the same issues. More.

Wing Yi Chan, assistant professor of psychology, spoke to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about her experience being asked, “Where are you from?” More.

Charles Hankla, associate professor of political science, wrote for The Conversation on Brexit and its effects on the U.S.A. More. Hankla wrote for the Conversation again to analyze the results of the Brexit referendum. More. Later on, he wrote about Brexit for the Guardian. More.

Mia Bloom, professor of communication, was quoted in USA Today on the strategy behind the UK terrorist attacks of May 22. More. She also spoke to Al-Jazeera about ISIL’s use of propaganda to bolster its global image. More.

Marise Parent, professor of Neuroscience and associate director of the Neuroscience Institute, spoke to Fox 5 Atlanta about how a high-sugar diet can affect memory. More.

Katie Acosta, associate professor of Psychology, appeared on A Seat at the Table on GPB to talk about career code-switching and African American women in the workplace. More.

Eric Wright, professor and chair of Sociology, spoke to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on the tax credits in the Senate’s health care proposal. More.