Three Arts and Sciences Professors Named Regents’ Professors

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce Rose Sevcik of psychology, Paul Katz of the Neuroscience Institute and Jenny Yang of chemistry have been awarded Regents’ Professorships. 25 Park Place building

Regents’ Professorships, the University System of Georgia’s highest honor, recognize faculty whose research efforts and achievements have been acknowledged both nationally and internationally as trailblazing.

Sevcik, Katz and Yang are also Distinguished University Professors, a group of professors recognized and chosen annually for their commitment and consistency in academic excellence, at Georgia State.

Rose Sevcik researches the development of symbolic processes, focusing on the development of oral and written language. Her research efforts include work with children with developmental disabilities and examining the instructional teaching methods for children who have trouble learning to read. Sevcik has received a number of awards including the Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research Editor’s Award and the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award. 

Paul Katz uses sea slugs to examine and determine how neuronal circuits operate. In 2013, he received the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Senior Faculty Award. His work has also been published in journals including the Journal of Comparative Physiology, the Journal of Comparative Neurology and the Journal of Neurophysiology. Katz currently serves as the director of the Center for Neuromics.

Jenny Yang’s research is focused on chemical, biological, material and environmental calcium and calcium building. One of her primary goals is to predict and better understand metal ion’s role in biological, chemical and environmental systems in an effort to create more effective drugs. Her research has been funded by several National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants.