College of Arts and Science 2016 Dean's Early Career Awards

2016 Dean’s Early Career Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce this year’s Dean’s Early Career Award winners: Assistant Professors Jeffrey Boortz of Art and Design, Zhipeng Cai of Computer Science, Gina Marie Caison of English, Nadine Kabengi of Chemistry and Geosciences and Jennifer Craft Morgan of Gerontology.

The Dean’s Early Career Awards provide research funding to rising faculty stars each year. The award helps the College of Arts and Sciences retain and recruit the best and brightest creative artists, researchers and scholars.

Jeffrey Boortz teaches graphic design, motion design and corporate identity design. He is a creative director with more than 20 years experience building brands in the entertainment industry. Boortz continues to leverage his professional practice by providing students with real-world experience and increasing the presence of the university in corporate and creative media more broadly.

Zhipeng Cai’s research interests include algorithm design in networking, bioinformatics, and computational biology. Since joining Georgia State, he has published 27 articles in top ranked journals, 21 refereed conference papers and another 25 papers in submission or revisions. Cai has also won a prestigious NSF Career Award.

Gina Marie Caison studies nineteenth and twentieth-century American literature, cultures and literatures of the U.S. South, Native American literatures, critical race studies, film and television studies, performance studies, and digital humanities. Her latest book, Red States: Literature, Native America, and the U.S. South, is under advance contract with the University of Georgia Press.

Nadine Kabengi’s research is focused on soil geochemistry, especially in the area of understanding the thermodynamics of sorption on nanometer scale surface areas. She has submitted seven major grant applications to federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education.

Jennifer Craft Morgan’s research focuses on gerontology and the intersections of work, health and stratification related to age, gender, race, and class. She has published 13 peer-reviewed articles and two book chapters, including articles in The Gerontologist and Journal of the American Medical Association.